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Join us at Pok Pok NW for Portland Dining Month!


Sai Ua Sausage by Olympia Provisions. Take some home!

Our Sai Ua sausage, made by our friends at Olympia Provisions is available for purchase from Pok Pok PDX and Pok Pok Noi. Ask your server or add a pack to your online takeout order!


POK POK The Drinking Food

A cookbook featuring the rich and varied drinking food of Thailand (and the drinks it's consumed with), with 50 recipes and travelogue-like essays, inspired by Whiskey Soda Lounge, Andy Ricker's Portland, Oregon, restaurant. 

Pok Pok Som

Pok Pok Som drinking vinegar is a refreshingly sweet and tart, fruit and vinegar-based beverage handcrafted in Portland, Oregon using quality US-made organic cane vinegar and fresh whole fruits, herbs and spices – no artificial flavoring. Pok Pok Som concentrate is most commonly served with four-parts soda water as a soft drink, at full strength as a mixer in cocktails, or incorporated into dressings and marinades. Pok Pok Som is available in nine signature flavors - Thai Basil, Apple, Honey, Pomegranate, Tamarind, Ginger, Tumeric, Pineapple and Chinese Celery, as well as a rotating selection of seasonal flavors likeCardomom Tangerine,  Strawberry Thai Basil, Black Pepper, Blood Orange, and more. 

Thaan Charcoal

Thaan Charcoal is natural, Thai-Style binchotan charcoal.  It is a long burning, clean and natural alternative to commercial charcoal briquettes. Made sustainably from orchard grown rambutan fruit wood, it imparts a very mild flavor, letting your grilled food speak for itself. Thaan Charcoal's consistent, even heat is easy to cook with, and great for any style of solid fuel cooking: grilling, BBQing, indirect cooking and particularly good where binchotan charcoal is traditionally used.